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Every household will get $550 off their energy bills!

Seniors, Pensioner and Concession Card holders are eligible for up to $1,072 off their energy bills.  

Seniors and concession holders who already receive the $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate, will get the additional $700 rebate automatically. The rebate will come off your bills in instalments, which for most people will be $175 off the bill each quarter. 

If you do not currently get a pensioner rebate, call your electricity provider to register your Seniors, Pensioner or Concession Card to receive the $1,072 rebate. 

Check your eligibility here:

Every single day, people in Pumicestone tell me cost of living is their number one issue.

Global inflation is impacting everything from groceries and petrol to rent, electricity, insurance and phone bills.

Our Palaszczuk Government recognises the stress this is causing, and we’re doing what we can to help Queenslanders with the cost of living by providing huge energy rebates and more support. 

I want to hear from you!

How is the global rising cost of living impacting your household? Take 5 minutes to complete my survey and let me know – it will help me advocate about thee needs of our community.


Here’s just some of what we’ve announced to help Queenslanders. Read on to find out what subsidies or support you may be eligible for.

Rent support

Rental Security Subsidy

If you’re facing short-term financial barriers, our Rental Security Subsidy can help by paying a portion of your rent directly to your property manager for up to 12 months.

The subsidy can support you if you’re experiencing financial barriers to maintaining your tenancy, such as:

  • additional bills
  • health issues
  • the sudden loss of employment
  • unforeseen caring responsibilities.

The level of rent subsidy is based on factors such as total household income and your circumstances.

To find out more and to see if you’re eligible, visit

Limiting rent increases to once a year

In March the Palaszczuk Government announced it will limit rent increases to once a year, rather than every six months, to give renters a fair go.

Reducing the frequency of increases from six months to 12 months is also consistent with most other states and territories across the country.

From 1 July, your rent won’t be able to be put up unless it’s been at least 12 months since your last rent increase.

Support for pensioners and seniors

Right now, thousands of older Queenslanders are missing out on up to $1,100 in cost-of-living rebates and other support.

The Palaszczuk Government provides cost of living relief to help seniors and pensioners cover their bills.

Some of the relief available includes:

  • Electricity rebate of up to $372.20/year
  • Up to $120 a year off water costs
  • Up to $200 a year off local government rates
  • A free pair of basic prescription glasses every two years
  • Discounted public transport travel
  • Cheaper car rego
  • Home Assist Secure - $500/year for maintenance work around the house
  • Free dental

To find out about concessions and rebates and to see if you are eligible, go to


Support for households

Some of the support on offer includes:

  • Cheaper learner licences - We cut the fee for all learner licences by more than half down to $75 to save families and young drivers starting out.
  • Free or cheaper kindy – have your say about us expanding the program:
  • Discounted public transport fares for children and students
  • We are also expanding the Transport Access Scheme (STAS) for free transport to and from school
  • Up to $295 per student per year towards textbook costs
  • Rental bond loans for private rental accommodation
  • Fee-Free Tafe available for eligible Queenslanders
  • $150 Swimstart Vouchers


To find out about concessions and rebates and to see if you are eligible, go to


Electricity rebate to be extended!

Cheaper energy for small business owners

Queensland small businesses will receive a $650 energy rebate.

This is in addition to eligble vulnerable Queensland households receiving a $500 energy rebate, which has been increased from $372 previously.

The Palaszczuk Government has announced another rebate for electricity for households in the 2023 financial year.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced she would extend the power rebate to all households next financial year and that cost of living relief payment will be higher than the $175 rebate we provided last year.

This is only possible because we’ve kept our power assets publicly owned.

Stay tuned - More information will be announced in our State Budget in June.


What other cost of living support has kicked in?

Pension and Welfare payment increases

In March, Federal government pensions and other welfare payments went up by 3.7% to help with surging inflation.

These higher payments hit bank accounts from around 20 March for payments including aged pension, disability support pension, JobSeeker, and single parent benefits.

It means the age and disability support pension will go up $37.50 a fortnight for single people, and Jobseeker by $25 a fortnight.

Jobseeker, Parenting Payment and Rent Assistance going up

Jobseeker up by $40 per fortnight

Jobseeker up by $92.10 extra for over 55s to a total of $4.9 in recognition of the extra challenges older jobseekers face.

Commonwealth Rental Assistance up by $30 per fortnight

Parenting Payment now available until your youngest child turns 14.

Cheaper Medicines

The Federal Albanese Government has reduced the maximum co-payment for prescription medicines to $30. For concession card holders the maximum payment is $7.30.

The Federal government is also introducing 60-day scripts for more than 300 medications treating chronic conditions. The changes will mean patients receive two months’ worth of medication for a single co-payment, effectively halving the cost of these medications.


What if I need more support?

Emergency Relief program

The Emergency Relief Program provides financial and/or material support to Queenslanders in financial crisis.

The program provides support such as food vouchers, food parcels and third-party payments for vulnerable Queenslanders, and aims to prevent future financial crisis by referring people to appropriate financial and social support services.

We have funded services across Queensland to deliver this program. If you are struggling with unexpected financial pressures, and requiring financial support, you can seek assistance from one of the Emergency Relief services.

Find out more at

Charity support

We have wonderful local charities that also offer support to Queenslanders in need. Find out more at