Changes to the Manufactured Home Act

Local homeowners told me they are worried about unfair market rent reviews leading to big site rent increases, lack of maintenance in parks, and about issues selling manufactured homes.

Last month we introduced the Manufactured Homes Amendment Bill 2024 in the Queensland Parliament to support manufactured homeowners.

Here’s what the new laws will do:

  • Prohibit market rent reviews
  • Limit site rent increases to a maximum 3.5% or CPI per year, whichever is higher
  • Create an opt-in home buyback scheme to reduce site rents then require park operators to buy a home back if it doesn’t sell after an extended period
  • Require park operators to publish a park comparison document detailing the costs and benefits of different parks
  • Require park operators to publish a maintenance and capital replacement plan
  • Require park operators to offer a fee-free rent payment method, and more

These changes are essential to make things fairer for residents and increase transparency and will be debated in Parliament late May.