Homes for Queenslanders

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Our plan for Queenslanders 

In Pumicestone and across Queensland, people tell me loud and clear that they are under pressure when it comes to housing.

The reasons are complex. We have more people moving to Queensland from interstate, we lost homes during the floods, and since COVID more Queenslanders are choosing to live in smaller households, increasing demand.

Meanwhile, rents, house prices, cost of living and interest rates are all going up.

That's why our Miles Labor Government is doing absolutely everything we can to create more houses and reduce housing pressure on Queenslanders. 

We're taking bold action through our new Homes for Queenslanders plan, with 5 key pillars. 

Building more homes faster, by

      • opening up government land for affordable housing developments 
      • developing homes on under-utilised land close to jobs, services and education
      • helping developers and councils to build the types of house Queenslanders need
      • dedicated State Development Team to speed up planning and development and solve issues that delay new homes coming to market

Supporting renters

We have introduced HUGE rental reform to make renting fairer in Queensland. If you are a renter, I want to hear from you. 

I know there are challenges when it comes to renting in Queensland and as Assistant Minister I want to do everything I can to help. Please complete the renters survey now to tell me how we can make renting easier and fairer.

We have introduced huge reform:

      • limiting rent increases to once per year
      • investing $160 million in a renters relief package allowing more people to access support like rental grants and subsidies
      • doubling the number of RentConnect Officers in Housing Service Centres, to help Queensland renters in housing stress
      • introducing a Portable Bond Scheme, allowing tenants to transfer their bonds when relocating from one rental property to another
      • creating a law to enforce a rental sector Code of Conduct, cracking down on dodgy and unprofessional practices
      • banning all types of rent bidding to make things fairer, and we’re closing the loophole in rental increase limits, applying the annual rent increase limit to the property rather than the tenancy
      • making it easier for renters and owners to agree on installing safety, security, and accessibility modifications in rentals
      • extending the entry notice period to 48 hours
      • limiting reletting costs based on how long is left on a fixed term lease
      • making rental applications easier and protecting renters personal information by standardising the process and making it clear what information can be asked for
      • ensuring renters have a fee-free option to pay rent, and choice about how they apply for rental properties

We're helping first homeowners

We doubled the First Home Owners grant to $30,000 to help young Queenslanders into their first home. 

Our Miles Labor Government is also working with the Federal Government on the Help to Buy Scheme, meaning home owners can buy their home with as little as a 2% deposit due to this shared equity scheme. 

We are doing everything we can to increase housing supply, for affordable homes close to services, jobs and education with new models such as releasing unused government land for development and making development approvals a quicker, more seamless process to build more houses, fast. 

We're boosting our social housing Big Build 

We have set the bold target of 53,500 social homes by 2046, which means on average 2,000 new social homes coming online each year. This includes innovative solutions such as modular homes, purchasing vacant retirement villages and hotels to provide an instant boost to social housing and rebuilding Q-Build to ensure we have the teams to build the homes Queenslanders need. 

We're working to end homelessness

We've boosted homelessness support services across Queensland by 20%. That means a boost of over $1M locally to organisations in Moreton Bay supporting those at risk of and experiencing homelessness. 

This is in addition to providing more social homes, dedicated Youth Foyers in Moreton Bay to support at risk young people, new Youth Support Centres managed by Brisbane Youth Service to provide coordinated support to young people and so much more. 

I know things are tough right now for people in our communities. 

I have listed a number of programs and resources below that may be able to help you - whether you are a tenant or home owner.

Assistance for Homeowners

Home Lending Financial Assistance Mortgage Relief

The Mortgage Relief is available to eligible people who suffered an unexpected change in circumstances and are struggling to meet mortgage repayments.

You can borrow up to a maximum of $20,000 interest free, which is repayable over 10 years.

You can find out more information here

You can contact the local hotline on 1300 654 322.

Financial Assistance for tenants

Rental Security Subsidy

If you’re facing short-term financial barriers, our Rental Security Subsidy can help by paying a portion of your rent directly to your property manager for up to 12 months.

The subsidy can support you if you’re experiencing financial barriers to maintaining your tenancy, such as:

  • additional bills
  • health issues
  • the sudden loss of employment
  • unforeseen caring responsibilities.

The level of rent subsidy is based on factors such as total household income and your circumstances.

To find out more and to see if you’re eligible, visit

Bond Loans & Rental Grants

Our government provides a range of financial support to assist with the costs to move into a new rental, such as Bond Loans and Rental Grants, which is a one-off grant of 2 weeks rent for eligible Queenslanders.

Find out more:

No Interest Loan Scheme

The No Interest Loan Scheme provides housing loans to Queenslanders to set-up or continue their private rental tenancy.

The Set-Up Loan can help new tenants cover the cost of starting a private rental tenancy, removalists, any key deposits and essential household items.

The Rent Sustainment Loan helps current tenants meet rental payments that they may be behind with.

Find out more:

General Assistance for Tenants

Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

The RTA provides support and advice for tenants facing a range of issues, including bond management, dispute resolutions, investigations and prosecutions.

Find out more about the RTA services: Home | Residential Tenancies Authority (


RentConnect assists Queenslanders to find a private rental and provides an advisory service through Tenancy Assistance (TA) and Tenancy Guarantee (TG).

Tenancy Assistance helps tenants overcome short-term tenancy issues and maintain their private rental tenancy.

Tenancy Guarantee offers the owner of a rental property additional financial security of a tenancy to cover unpaid rent, property damage and other costs resulting from a breach of the tenancy agreement.

You can contact Moreton Bay Housing Service Centre to find out more:

Queensland State-Wide Tenants Advisory and Referral Service (QSTARS)

QSTARS provides free and independent advisory and referral services to assist tenants to maintain their rental.

Find out more:

Assistance for Victims/Survivors of Domestic Violence

Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Helping Hand Headleases

Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Helping Hand Headleases recognise the significant additional barriers that people experiencing domestic and family violence face when it comes to securing safe and affordable housing.

For more information contact Moreton Bay Housing Service Centre:

Flexible Assistance Package

The Flexible Assistance Package is delivered with specialist domestic and family violence support services, to provide short-term assistance of up to $5000 for essential goods.

 For more information contact Moreton Bay Housing Service Centre:

Escaping Violence Payment

Up to $5000 is available for victim/survivors of domestic and family violence to cover the costs of leaving a violent partner. This payment is available from Uniting Care. You can call Uniting Care on 3253 4000 to find out more.